Maine School Administrative District #1

Presque Isle • Mapleton • Chapman • Castle Hill • Westfield

Education in MSAD #1 will empower students to reach their potential as critical thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators.


MSAD#1 Certification Committee

The following are the dates and locations of the monthly meetings of the MSAD#1 Certification Committee.
Meetings are open to all and start at 3:00.
Date Location

11 September 2017

Hall of Fame Room (PIHS)
(For those holding a provisional,
conditional, or transitional certificate
and their mentors)

23 October 2017

Mapleton Elementary School

11 December 2017

Pine Street Elementary School

8 January 2018

Zippel Elementary School

5 March 2018

Presque Isle High School

9 April 2018

Presque Isle Middle School

7 May 2018

Presque Isle Middle School

4 June 2018

Hall of Fame Room (PIHS)

The TAP must be guided by the “Standards for Professional Growth Leading to Competency.” 90 accumulated hours (through any combination of classes with prior approval, workshops, or an independent study with prior approval). The TAP should not include any of the following: general membership in an organization, being a member of a standing committee, teaching a course, general preparation for teaching, or any activity that does not promote professionalism for the general teaching population.

MSAD#1 CertificationCommittee Member Julie Gardner – Chair, Secretary & Middle school Representative
Lori Hudson – Specialist Representative
Jeff Hudson – Secondary School Representative
Ben Greenlaw – Administrative Representative
Nancy Watson – Elementary Representative


Electronic certification forms are now available online, for your convenience.