student-workingThe following classes at PIHS/PIRCTC involve the MSAD#1 School Farm.

(BIOLOGY) Applied Science II – Life Science
One Period
Grade 10

This course emphasized problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking and applied learning utilizing the scientific link with examples from agriculture. Students will explore the principals of biology and apply these concepts and principles to issues in the workplace, in society, and in personal experiences. (Areas of study will include the scientific method, cells, genetics, classification, biochemistry, diversity and environmental issues.) Learning will be completed through both classroom lecture and hands-on projects in a laboratory setting and at the MSAD #1 Educational Farm. The successful completion of this course will satisfy the life science credit for graduation.

Horticulture/Nursery Management
One or Two Periods
Grades 9 – 12

Horticulture/Nursery Management introduces students to a career pathway leading to occupations in the field of plant sciences. Topics include landscape design, greenhouse and nursery management, pest management and disease control, and the process of plant propagation using liquid media hydroponic technology. Emphasis is placed on plant propagation and harvesting in the greenhouse and SAD#1 School Farm facility. Curriculum also incorporates introduction to orchardry and the process of cider production on a commercial scale. Students learn to work cooperatively on group projects and practice problem solving skills to attain optimum results from the crops raised.

Summer Cooperative Experience
(Paid experience)

Students will apply for summer positions at the MSAD #1 School Farm. Each student must apply with a resume, letter of application, and letters of reference – skills gleaned through their leadership course. Interviews will be part of this procedure. A daily record will be maintained by each student and initialed by the farm supervisor each week. This record will be used as a tool to evaluate the student’s work experience.

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