MEMO: Updated Travel Letter – April 9, 2021

April 9, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff, 

I want to update the MSAD #1 community regarding out of state and international travel.  Many families are planning to travel outside of Maine during April vacation (April 19-23).  

Please be advised of the following procedures related to travel outside of Maine from the Moving Maine Forward plan updated on March 5, 2021: 

Any staff member or student who travels to any state other than Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont will be required to either:

  1. Quarantine for 10 days upon return to Maine, or
  2. Quarantine until receiving a negative test result.  

The test must be taken either:

  1. In the state you are visiting and no more than 72 hours prior to your return to Maine, or
  2. Once you return to Maine.

Staff and students who are considered fully vaccinated against the coronavirus are exempt from the quarantine process and are not required to test upon return to Maine, regardless of the state they have traveled to.  A person is considered fully vaccinated if he/she is fourteen or more days from their final COVID-19 dose. 

Any staff or students who have travelled to restricted states (those other than Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont) and who have not been fully vaccinated will not be permitted inside the school building until either the negative test result has been received by the Health Office or 10 days has occurred.  

If an individual or family is traveling internationally, a 7 day quarantine and a negative test is required for those who have not been vaccinated.  If an individual has been fully vaccinated a COVID test is recommended and a quarantine is not required. 

All members of the household over 1 year old who travel must test or quarantine unless an individual has been fully vaccinated.  Any person who is quarantining should stay home and not have in-person contact with others unless there is an emergency.  

Thank you for your efforts in keeping our students and staff safe.


Ben Greenlaw