Medication Policies

The M.S.A.D. #1 Board of Directors discourages the administering of medicines on school premises. The parent should confer with the health care provider to allow for the student to receive all prescribed doses at home, when possible. However, when the health care provider deems medication during the school day to be necessary for the student’s health and attendance in school, it may be done in the school by the parent, or in accordance with medication policy by the school nurse or unlicensed (non-medically licensed) trained staff as permitted by law.

Before any medication is administered in school, there must be a written request from the parent/guardian and a written order from the prescribing health care provider. The written request from the parent/guardian shall give informed consent for the administration of the medication, by a school nurse or trained non-licensed personnel, in accordance with the medication policy.

Students shall not be permitted to carry and self-administer prescription and/or over the counter medication in school. A student may possess and self-administer emergency medication such as; inhaled asthma medication or an epinephrine auto-injector according to the guidelines established by the Department of Education for Medication Administration in Maine Schools. For additional information, please view the related documents below, available in pdf format.

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