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January 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Presque Isle Middle School

Press Release


On Tuesday January 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM, the MSAD #1 School Board will be hosting a meeting with Oak Point Associates to present additional updates to Facilities Right-Sizing.  The meeting will be held at Presque Isle Middle School in the Auditorium.  Oak Point has been working with MSAD #1 to develop more concise documents that incorporate months of engagement with staff and the community.  The Strategic Planning Committee endorsed a concept of right-sizing that would realign grades and buildings to create a better, more balanced educational experience for all students in MSAD #1 and improve the efficiency and cost to maintain the buildings of the District.  The rationale was that if fixed costs for the operation of buildings could be reduced that would create more flexibility to sustain the growing costs of education.

Oak Point Associates will be presenting updated conceptual drawings of our schools, comparisons of options, and estimates of the costs to implement.  The community is being asked to attend, listen, and provide feedback for Oak Point to finalize recommendations.  This information will be used to set the direction and create a foundation of capital facilities needs for MSAD #1 for the next 20 years.

MSAD #1 still has an application in to Maine State Department of Education for major capital funding.  The results of this application will not be known until March.  Applications in this program are ranked based upon need in comparison to the other applicants.  Only a small percentage are funded.  The meeting with Oak Point will better prepare MSAD #1 in the event we do not rank well, or if we do rank well it will lay a foundation for our position when meeting with DOE.

The District continues to be patient, thoughtful, and open to all ideas.  The meeting on January 16th is the next step for operating a more efficient educational system.  Please visit the MSAD #1 website at for information, but more information will be shared at the public meeting.  All information shared at the meeting will be posted after the meeting to our website.

For more information please contact Superintendent Brian Carpenter or Assistant Superintendent Deschene at or