ESSERF 3 Funds – MSAD #1 Project Overview

ESSERF 3: Parameters and Requirements

         The American Rescue Plan of 2021 included another round of funds for public schools to support the return to in-person learning in the United States. This fund is also known as ESSER 3. Unlike earlier COVID funds, the application process for ESSER 3 is a lengthier and more detailed process and will have several stages. The district is currently starting the third stage of a four stage process of application. 

            The ARP ESSER 3 funding application requires that each school develop a plan for the safe return of students and staff to in-person learning and to ensure the continuity of educational services for the upcoming year. 

            The district must reserve at least 20 percent of the total ESSER 3 funds to “address the lost instructional time…and to respond to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs and address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on student subgroups.”  The remaining funds can be used to address needs related to the COVID pandemic to “effectively maintain the health and safety of students, educators and staff…” 

            Once the application is approved, funds can be accessed through September 30, 2024 (this includes a 12 month Tydings Amendment). 

Project Summaries

Addressing Learning Gaps/Lost Instructional Time
(at least $783,000)

Extended learning time

  • Extended school hours (before and/or after school) 
  • Summer school for all grade levels
  • Possible elementary learning camp experiences
  • Teacher stipends for creating videos for hybrid extension support

Additional Support Staff

  • Long term subs
  • Additional ed tech hours
  • 5th social worker


  • Smartboards or classroom interactive tvs
  • iXL (with expansion to SS and Science), MobyMax, Generation Genius
  • Schoology license


  • Support materials and pd for strengthening RTI

Curriculum Updates

  • Elementary math
  • Elementary social studies
  • SEL materials as needed
  • Stipends for teachers to work on committees or to update curriculum, esp in four core content areas at elementary 

Professional development

  • PD costs related to the above projects
  • PD requests from teachers on topics of interest to them/their teams.
  • Travel and subs for teams to visit other schools

Student desks

Health and Safety Projects              
(remainder of funds, approximately $3,132,000)

Additional Nurse (5th)

Pay the fifth nurse for two more years out of this fund

Door replacements/updates at all 3 elementary schools

Door replacements at Pine, Zippel and MES. MES has the most need of door replacements

Finish Siding and window replacements PIHS (approximately $600k)

Additional hours for custodians for cleaning

Outdoor classroom spaces


Explore the possibility of CTE creating (design and build) a gazebo-type outdoor classroom for interested schools

PPE and cleaning supplies

Transformer Project

High school transformer replacement (approx $500k) 

Generator at MES

Due to the geography of Mapleton, the school loses power for extended periods of time. A generator would allow us to keep the building running for educational purposes

Playground equipment at Zippel

Public Comment

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