Champion’s After-School Program

Champions Frequently Asked Questions and Registration Information

Dear Parents,

We know how important before- and after-school programs can be to your family. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to let you know that MSAD1 and Champions have teamed up to give your family a new program to choose from! Champions provides a safe environment that’s conveniently located at Zippel Elementary! Additionally, time is set aside for homework help to prepare your child for the next school day, giving your family more time to spend together at night.

What sets Champions apart?

Learning shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings — and the Champions program makes sure it doesn’t. Our curriculum promotes child engagement with fun learning activities that are specifically adapted by teachers to bring out the best in your child. Our teachers inspire your child to follow his or her curiosity across a breadth of subjects—creative arts, math and construction, library time, puzzles and games, and science—to foster mental, physical, social, and emotional growth.

As a parent, you benefit from the convenience of Champions being located at Zippel Elementary, and since we’ve partnered with the Champions program, your child will get an integrated educational experience that builds on what they learn during the school day.

With Champions before- and after-school programs, your child has a fun and unique way to enhance foundational skills for success in the classroom and at home.

Why do parents love Champions?

Parents have many reasons to love Champions:

• Affordability
• Offers flexible scheduling
• Conveniently located in your school

Enrolling your child in a Champions before- and after-school program can make a big difference. The school day may be over, but the learning never stops with Champions. Your child will have access to terrific teachers, and a curriculum that encourages them to explore their interests. That way, you know your child is being given the individual attention you want for them on a daily basis.

On top of that, Champions is always available to talk with parents and answer questions! We also offer the convenience of flexible online scheduling and payment, weekly billing, and easy registration. To learn more or to register visit us on the web at

Thank you for supporting our school, please reach out with any questions! Kerri Kubacki
Area Manager
KinderCare Education, LLC