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District Budget Meeting

April 11th, 2018 at 7:00PM
Presque Isle Middle School Auditorium

Dear Board Members and Community,

The M.S.A.D. #1 Administration is pleased to present to you a draft budget for 2018-19.  If you have questions you can send comments directly through Facebook, or post them on our website,  Do not hesitate to email Superintendent Carpenter at or Asst. Superintendent Deschene at

**Please note that this is an updated version.  Comparisons that are in the table below labeled “Budget / Taxes at a Glance” compared this year’s budget to the 2016-17 budget, not the 2017-18 budget.   Since, last year was a -1.50% decrease to local taxes it misrepresented the one year increase.  To correct this error we have posted the correct chart but in red we have left the data that was shared incorrectly, which is actually a two analysis.  We apologize for any confusion and look forward to seeing you at the April 11th District Budget Meeting to answer any questions.**

The total budget for 2018-19 represents many adjustments.  Last year the use of fund balance was increased to pass on a decrease to local property taxes.  Even with more funding from the State the District has a rapidly declining fund balance.  This budget is an attempt to stop the decline.  If it is successful we will stop the rapid decline and conform to recommendations from the State.

For the past four years the School Budget has had minimal impact on local property taxes. The District impact on local property taxes has been 1.97% in 2015-16, 1.81% in 2016-17, -1.50% in 2017-18, and this year is projected at 4.03%.  The tax levy for this year is $8,817,815 compared to $8,451,757 four years ago in 2015-16.  This is a four-year average tax increase of 1.08% per year.