The mission of the Presque Isle High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who through their accomplishments have brought pride and distinction to our school and community as either, an athlete, coach, administrator or as a contributor to the development and success of the Presque Isle High School Athletic program.

Article 1 – Purpose
The purpose of the Presque Isle High Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor athletes, coaches, administrators and contributors of Presque Isle High School Athletics to:

  • Establish in our youth a motivating influence to excel in athletics as well as community.
  • Encourage pride; promote good sportsmanship, scholarship and citizenship in our school and community.
  • Promote the rich tradition of Presque Isle Athletics.

Article 2 – Candidates for membership
Candidates for membership in the Presque Isle High School Athletic Hall of Fame shall be former Presque Isle athletes, coaches, administrators and contributors who have met the requirements set forth in this constitution.

Criteria for selection: 

Candidates for the Presque Isle High School Athletic Hall of Fame must meet one of the criteria listed below:


  • Graduated from Presque Isle High School 10 years ago or more
  • Received All-State recognition
  • Received All-Conference selection
  • Recognized award winner for league, region, state awards
  • Earned at least two varsity letters


  • Coached within the district for more than 10 years
  • Served with distinction in the athletic programs
  • Waiting period of at least 3 years


  • Went above and beyond for the student-athletes at Presque Isle High School
  • Waiting period of at least 10 years

Number of Inductees

The inaugural class of 2010 shall include no more that a total of 10 inductees (athletes, coaches, administrators, contributors).

The second class of 2011 shall include up to seven inductees

Future classes will not exceed 5 inductees

Each year contributor or administrators will be considered as a special category based on their work in support of Presque Isle High School athletics. A contributor will not be considered as one of the eight inductees mentioned above.

Article 3 – Amendment Process
The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the total number of committee members.

Article 4 – Committee Membership
The Presque Isle High School Athletic Hall of Fame shall consist of a 11 person voting committee. The initial committee will be appointed by the SAD 1 Superintendent of Schools. Membership of the committee shall be comprised of the following:

  • SAD 1 Superintendent (or designee)
  • Athletic Administrator
  • High School Principal or administrative designee
  • Members of the Presque Isle High School coaching staff (3)
  • Current Presque Isle High Athletes (2)
  • Community /At Large Members (3)

*At-large members may be former players, coaches, administrators, teachers, supporters who have historical knowledge of the athletic program who may or may not reside within the district.

Each membership is a three-year appointment.

The Athletic Administrator shall be the chairperson of the committee. He/she shall have the authority to recommend a voting member to the committee when another member chooses to resign. Each person nominated by the Athletic Administrator must be approved by a simple majority of the voting committee.

All members enshrined in the Presque Isle High school Hall of Fame will become members of an advisory committee. Members of the advisory committee shall be notified of meeting dates and times. The can offer suggestions and input, but will not have any voting privileges.

All business decisions of the committee shall be determined by a majority of the members of the committee in attendance (a minimum of eight members is necessary to conduct business).

Article 5 – Committees

The Athletic Administrator shall appoint committees, chairpersons and individuals for each committee, to carry out the charge to the committee. Upon completion of the charge, a committee will be dismissed. The appointment of committees shall include but not limited to the following:

Nomination Committee
Awards Committee
Publicity Committee
Fundraising Committee
Ceremony Committee

No committee shall create any financial liability for the Presque Isle High Athletic Hall of Fame unless authorized y the Chairperson of the committee. All of these committees shall report to the committee at-large at each regular meeting.

The Athletic Administrator, in consultation with the Hall of Fame Committee members, may create ad hoc committees as needed. The purpose and the time limits on the committee’s responsibilities will be determined when the appointment is authorized.

Article 6 – Timeline for Hall of Fame

Timeline for 2010 and subsequent years: On or about February 28th, the Presque Isle Athletic Hall of Fame committee will convene to conduct business and make it known that they will be accepting nominations for the hall of fame through May 30th of that year. It will be the publicity committee chairman’s responsibility to inform the media of any announcements pertaining to the hall of fame.

  • Nominations will be accepted through May 30th
  • The nomination committee will meet on or about May 30th to review and screen nominations. The nominating committee can seek out additional information on applicants from a variety of different resources.
  • The nomination committee will recommend up to 20 potential inductees to the larger membership committee. The membership committee will vote and the six nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be inducted into the athletic hall of fame each year.
  • Nominations will stay active for three years for those individuals who did not finish in the top six.
  • Notifications to hall of fame inductees will be made on or about June 15th.
  • Notification to the public and to the media will be made on about June 30th.
  • Meetings will be held July through September, as needed, to plan for the induction ceremony.
  • The induction ceremony will be held in the winter of each year at Presque Isle High School.


  • Each inductee will be awarded a plaque engraved with the Presque Isle High School Hall of Fame logo.
  • The Awards Committee will propose appropriate recognition to be permanently displayed at Presque Isle High School with the establishment of this program.

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